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My login doesn’t seem to work.

a. Ensure you are using the correct username and password.
b. Ensure you are using the correct case (passwords are case sensitive).
c. Contact the campus.

I am trying to complete the Annual Enrollment but don’t see all of my children.

a. If you “pre-registered” a child at the end of last year, you do not need to complete Annual Enrollment for that child this year (so you will not see that child listed).
b. Contact the campus.

What if I started, but didn’t complete the Annual Enrollment of my child?

a. Log back into LINK, go to Enroll/Update Students, then Annual Enrollment, and choose Continue under the Actions column. It will pick up where you left off.

Do I have to complete the Annual Enrollment on each of my children?

a. Yes – TISD needs for each child’s information to be updated each year – this includes things like addresses, phone numbers, parent permissions, etc.

Can I renew my child’s Affidavit/Transfer information from here?

a. Yes – once logged in, choose either Affidavits or Transfers.

Can I see my child’s grades in LINK?

a. TISD is currently using Home Access Center (HAC) to display grades, attendance, etc. for those with proper access.

I need to change my address for my children. Can it do that during this annual enrollment process?

Yes but you must provide proof of residency to the campus your child attends.

Still have questions?

Contact the Link Help desk at 281-357-3052 ext. 4014
Hours: 8:00am - 4:30pm

Canyon Pointe Elementary Phone: (281) 357-3122
Creekside Forest Elementary Phone: (281) 357-4526
Decker Prairie Elementary Phone: (281) 357-3134
Lakewood Elementary Phone: (281) 357-3260
Rosehill Elementary Phone: (281) 357-3075
Timber Creek Elementary Phone: (281) 357-3060
Tomball Elementary Phone: (281) 357-3280
Willow Creek Elementary Phone: (281) 357-3080
Northpointe Intermediate Phone: (281) 357-3020
Tomball Intermediate Phone: (281) 357-3150
Tomball Junior High Phone: (281) 357-3000
Willow Wood Junior High Phone: (281) 357-3030
Tomball High School Phone: (281) 357-3220
Tomball Memorial High School Phone: (281) 357-3230